Charlotte’s “Moana Themed” 5th Birthday

My middle baby just turned 5.  Five.  It is no joke when everyone tells you it goes fast.  Out of the three that I have, her years have gone the fastest and it truly saddens me.  She was a hard baby.  She fussed most days, had some medical issues, and Gianna–who was two when she was born just could not adjust to having a sister.  Needless to say, those years are blurry to me.  They were complete chaos and now before I know it, five years have gone by.  I would take those days back in a heartbeat now so that I could embrace it more.  I don’t care how hard it was, I want more memories.

Today, Charlotte moves at the speed of lightning.  I try my best to keep up with her.  She is full of life and energy, never stops talking, and adds a certain level of spunk to our family.  I always say she is my wild child.  Her personality is bigger than mountains and she never fails to make us laugh.  But most importantly, behind all her silliness and energy is a child with a huge heart.  It makes me so proud when I see how caring and compassionate she is towards others.  As much as I want the baby years back with her, I am loving every bit of her 5 year old self.  She never, ever ceases to amaze me with her personality, talents, and heart.

We celebrated her birthday with friends and family at home.  She wanted her cake to be a Moana cake.  There is no recipe today as I always take a load off my shoulders for birthdays and make a simple box cake.  However, it was frosted and decorated by my husband Josh.  This is such a special and unique tradition that started when Gianna turned two.  I wanted to be “that mom”- you know, the mom that would make adorable birthday cakes for my kids every year.  As I was attempting to do a Minnie mouse cake, I began to get frustrated and realized that I was not so good at this. I didn’t have the patience for it.  I started to panic and cry and pretty much have a meltdown and that’s when Josh took over.  Seriously, what are husband’s for? It was so natural and easy for him to free hand it and he did an amazing job.  From that year on he has been the official cake decorator of the house and every year they have all been spectacular.  What a special tradition it has been!  As always we were impressed with his Moana cake and what a wonderful day we had celebrating Charlotte’s birthday!

Now if the years could just slow down!


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